lola eats clean… in Ghana

Moving to Accra

At the start of March 2015, I packed up all my worldly possession (well 32 kg × 3 bags worth) and emigrated from London to Accra, Ghana.  Minus a much needed break to the UK, I have been here for just over three months.

Six months prior to my move, I had adopted a clean lifestyle, involving healthy eating and daily physical exercise.  Combined with the help of myfitnesspal and the Jawbone UP activity monitor, I managed to lose around 13 kg in about 10 weeks, and keep it off for nearly three months.  An amazing feat for someone who struggled for the best part of three years to lose just 2 kg (blog post to follow).

My lifestyle in Accra to date

Lunch options at the Goethe Institut (Banku/Okra and Red Red)
Lunch options at the Goethe Institut (Banku/Okra and Red Red)

Unfortunately, over my relatively short stay in Accra, I have managed to gain 7 kg (and some change) in addition to losing the fitness levels I built up! Alas, a diet of stodge, with a side of more stodge and palm oil, washed down with generous helpings of booze will do that to you.

This poor diet has been aided and abetted by, amongst other things:

  • the limited opportunity to exercise in my daily routine (the only regular opportunities are the short walks to pick up taxis);
  • emotional eating coupled with alcohol(1), having experienced the entire spectrum of feelings and frustrations one often faces when “moving back home” (well more accurately, two countries over from home); and
  • a dry social scene, meaning that most opportunities for socialising involve eating and drinking.

Lola eats clean…

Fruit and vegetable stall in Accra  (Source:

Well, I have decided enough is enough!  I am getting back to the clean living lifestyle by finding a way to marry healthy food and regular exercise into my Accra routine.

Join me, through lola eats clean, on my quest to obtain a clean lifestyle and remain a healthy weight in Accra; a path that all who have made a similar move know is a much more difficult feat to achieve in Africa. I will blog about my diet, recipes and food prep, exercise, and perhaps some of my wider experiences as an African returnee in Accra.

Next post…  Stay tuned for my maiden post on weevils: an unwanted gift from Max Mart.

Notes.  (1) Note that I am drinking respectable amounts (a beer with a meal on a week day, and perhaps a few more at the weekend) as opposed to “wake up in a gutter without your handbag, dignity and memories of the preceding 12 hours” drinking.


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